I Will Wash Your Dirty Dishes Sponge

I Will Wash Your Dirty Dishes Sponge

I Will Wash Your Dirty Dishes Sponge

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Add some playful wit to your kitchen and enjoy the Baron von Fancy "I Will Wash Your Dirty Dishes" sponge. Available in pink and blue.


Baron Von Fancy

About Baron Von Fancy

The Charmer.

“I’ll have what she’s having”, “I feel you, baby”, “Tell me why we shouldn’t”: you’ve most likely come across Baron Von Fancy’s work, and if you haven’t, you’ve certainly come across the idea of it. Baron Von Fancy – a.k.a. BVF – is that guy who gets surrounded at every party simply because he’s so clued-up on pop culture. In reality, BVF is the alter-ego of Gordon Stevenson, who started his career working across mediums and styles. He gave birth to BVF as a way of reaching the masses through wit and humor. His message stands out, as does his style. Together, they’re the epitome of youth culture and its long-standing habit of using provocation to engage. It’s the 21st century foghorn, if you will, and it’s caught the attention of BVF collaborators – everyone from Converse, Nike, rag & bone and Louis Vuitton to W Hotels and Uber.

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