Katherine Bernhardt

Katherine Bernhardt is a Brooklyn based painter, currently residing in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Using acrylic and spray paint, she draws inspiration from all corners of daily life, like runs to the corner deli, the fruit stand, the 99 cent store, and the Caribbean-African influence of her neighborhood to create whimsical, maximalist canvases. Represented by CANADA in New York, arl Freeman in London, and Xavier Hufkens in Brussels, Katherine has had solo shows around the world, including MATE in Peru, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, and The Contemporary Art Museum in Saint Louis. 

The Acrobatic Dance Dinner Plate

Sold Out

ONE PLATE PURCHASED = HOT MEALS FOR 75 HOMELESS PEOPLE Katherine Bernhardt for Coalition for the Homeless in partnership with Prospect The Coalition for the Homeless's Grand Central Food Program...

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