Enoc Perez Monograph

Enoc Perez Monograph

Enoc Perez Monograph


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Enoc Perez
by Assouline
Enoc Perez is the first comprehensive monograph on the Puerto-Rican born artist, and this book presents a selection of his work including paintings, drawings, printmaking, and sculptures from the 1990s to the present. Richly illustrated with over one hundred color plates, Enoc Perez chronicles the artist’s development over the past twenty years. Though his style and technique have evolved, Perez has continued to explore the themes of modernism, nostalgia, and Caribbean culture through his work. 
In addition to images and installation shots from past exhibitions, Enoc Perez features essays and interviews with the artist including one by Bob Colacello, former editor of Interview magazine, and a frequent contributor to Vanity Fair.
Hardcover, 150 Pages



150 Pages



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