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Rachel Libeskind

Instagram: @vonspawn

Rachel Libeskind has become known for an interdisciplinary approach to her practice, which incorporates everything from canvas, sculpture and collage to performance, opera and installation. Drawing inspiration from themes both personal and public, Rachel’s vast body of work marries historical and contemporary notions of identity and gender, re-appropriation and reproduction. Found images are frequently transformed into dystopian or surrealist landscapes where humans often subject to architectural interventions, appear to live in different time zones, bare unusual relationships of scale, or are literalized by darkly comedic text.

In 2014, Rachel was invited to complete an installation-performance as a part of the esteemed Festival di Spoleto in Tuscany. The next year, she had a solo show at Hansel & Gretel Pocket Utopia in Chelsea, New York; followed by an installation and 12-day performance at the historic Chelsea Hotel and a commissioned, multi channel video installation that she produced in Brooklyn's Pioneer Works. Rachel has been the subject of feature articles in various international publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, Metal Magazine, and Paper magazine.

A self-proclaimed citizen of the world, Rachel challenges her audience to re-think the significance of and find the beauty in even the most mundane of experiences. The Prospect NY shares Rachel’s obsession with objects and is thrilled to present the ‘Library Collection’– an entirely new body of work created for The Prospect NY featuring traditional objects infused with Rachel’s fresh and empowering energy including an  acrylic puzzle, a custom Prospect NY limited-edition print, an XL ‘Palo Santo’ scented candle, gilded ashtrays, engraved sterling silver money clips, pill boxes, a flask and more.

Born in Milan and raised in Berlin, Rachel currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a B.A. from Harvard University, with honors.

Rachel Libeskind Collection

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