Nothing Lasts Forever Soap

Nothing Lasts Forever Soap
Nothing Lasts Forever Soap

Nothing Lasts Forever Soap

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Prospect is pleased to release Nothing Lasts Forever/CORONA created by artist Nir Hod in support of the efforts surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. 20% of proceeds will go to Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), which supports coronavirus relief efforts

Nothing Lasts Forever/CORONA by Hod is a poetic gesture communicated through a visual and functional item in reference to the world crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. When utilized, one can literally “wash the coronavirus away,” creating a reminder that this crisis will also pass. The word “corona” is carved across the soap, eliciting the responsibility of the individual to do their part and wash their hands. When used, the soap possesses a “magic moment” of perceiving an ordinary aspect of life in a different way, much as the world’s population has been inspired to see beauty through small, often overlooked moments in our current state of isolation.

Through the presence and use of the soap, Hod hopes to remind users of importance of finding the beauty in small moment. Nothing Lasts Forever/CORONA was designed to embody a classic and familiar form, shaped much like a vintage bar of soap, evoking a sense of purity, beauty, romance, and nostalgia. 


Nir Hod

About Nir Hod

The Thinker.

You can’t help but be drawn into Nir Hod’s pieces, so deep and magnetic is their pull. Hod’s art begs an emotional investment – or at least an investment of serious contemplation, or conversation. Primarily a painter, Hod also works in sculpture, film and canvas. He explores themes of beauty, sexuality, decadence and lost innocence. Some of his work could be described as abstract, and his paintings often have a glamorous feel thanks to his use of Old Masters techniques. Other pieces mix and merge styles and are clear depictions of the contrasts that can exist in people: that fine line between innocent and narcissistic; highly polished and slightly askew. These contrasts can feel exposing and uncomfortable to look at, but this is deliberate – Hod’s work is never naïve. His aim is not to express, or even encourage judgment. Instead, it’s to control and draw attention, invoking curiosity. Everything is raw and visceral.

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