Edward Granger

About Edward Granger

The Fantasist.  

Louisiana born, Brooklyn-based artist Edward Granger is renowned for creating fantastical 3-D worlds translated into two dimensions. With a visionary eye and deep ties in the fashion and luxury world — Granger has collaborated with brands like Hermès, Ralph Lauren, BMW, and Piaget — he melds style and art for a slick, spectacular, cutting-edge — and, above all, colorful — body of work. His oeuvre is informed by fractals, astrology symbols, and geometry — and how they can alter the perception of one's physical and emotional state; in essence, effects that force viewers to reinterpret or rethink the set boundaries of time, space, and even sexuality. 

His escapist dreamscapes and complex shapes are often a salve to 21st Century noise and nodes: "Technology has made our lives so precise and exact that our unconnected selves are often the opposite," says Granger. "So, I owe an obvious debt to Minimalism in my work — it's a useful tool for finding relief from the all-encompassing trappings of technical 'advancements' and, in turn, the consumer culture that they've engendered."

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