PUBLIC’s fundamental premise is LUXURY FOR ALL.  It is built on four key pillars: service, style, unique experience and value. However, it’s not luxury as we traditionally know it, but luxury reflecting a new definition.  Luxury is no longer about things or how much something costs.  It is not a business classification, a price point or based on scarcity. Luxury is now about experiences and how something makes you feel.  Luxury is being democratized and is now for everyone. The 3 bars, Diego, The Roof and Lobby Bar each have their own unique vibe and personality so depending on the time, you might end up hitting all three on the same night or just one, depending on your mood.  Lushly landscaped gardens, multiple communal workspaces, and private event rooms, both indoor and outdoor atop the building with jaw-dropping 360-degree unobstructed views of the city, the spaces provide the ultimate in socializing, entertaining, working and even just people watching.



A new retail concept from Tania Schrager and Yelin Song. TRADE takes a unique and original approach that offers an unlikely combination of cool products not found in any one store. It breaks all the rules and has an eclectic, curated selection of clothing, books, objects, jewelry and accessories. 


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