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Dinner Set

Dinner Set

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Wine Me Dine Me 69 Me Dinner Plate

Baron Von Fancy has turned it up to eleven (or rather, 69) with this dinner coupe. Famous for his whip smart, pseudo cliché commentary on the seemingly everyday, the New York City multimedia artist and graphic designer brings his signature style to dinner. And quite possibly, ‘dessert’.

Sweet As Pie Dinner Plate

Baron Von Fancy, ordinarily known as Gordon Stevenson, brings his famous New York sign writing artwork style to this deviously ironic, pseudo-cliché plate. Decorative art, or functional, dishwasher-safe pie plate, it’s proof of how we, like Stevenson, can find inspiration in the seemingly everyday. If art is food for the soul, this playful piece is a slice of pumpkin pie. Sweet.

Casa Malaparte Tray

Casa Malaparte is a house on Punta Massullo, on the eastern side of the isle of Capri, Italy. If you already live in Capri, Italy, we recommend looking out your window. If not, cast your eyes on the Casa Malaparte artwork by contemporary Puerto Rican artist Enoc Perez. It features his loose, abstract style in a colorful rendering on this stunning serving tray. Artistically lyrical and instantly classical, you’re forgiven for telling guests you bought this elegant piece on your recent trip to Capri (where you contemplated buying a summer house).



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