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Pool Set

Pool Set

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Bellyflop Pool Float

The Bellyflop Collection features Misha Kahn's interpretations on poolside and outdoor entertaining accessories. With the Bellyflop Pool Float, playful meets, well... functional. If you’re into 10/10 bellyflops, that is (hint: we are). The PVC pool float with dichroic film was designed in New York, and made to create a splash everywhere.  

Bigamy Hood Beach Towel

The Judy Chicago Bigamy Hood towel is just what the art world needs right now. How so? Judy’s work centers on celebrating the female form, allowing women to access and connect with affirming images. So, if, like most of us, you use a towel every day (or every other day if you want to keep this art keepsake especially clean) then a Judy Chicago Bigamy Hood towel may be what your world needs right now, too. It features an early image that appeared on both a painting and subsequently a car hood: ‘Bigamy Hood’. Says Chicago: ‘The imagery references uninterrupted connection, brought about by the deaths of both my father (when I was thirteen) and my first husband (when I was twenty-three). The symbols include a broken heart, double crosses, and a phallic form that yearns for the female-centered forms at the top of the image.’

Don Q Beach Towel

The Don Q Beach Towel portrays Enoc Perez’s ‘Don Q Rum’ work on paper series. A nostalgic vision of his hometown – San Juan, Puerto Rico ­– a tropical paradise, it conjures images of sipping on Don Q Rum in Puerto Rico. Blissful? We think so. It’s precisely why we’ve translated this inspiring work to this fine cotton blend beach necessity. Now you can bring a slice of paradise wherever you go.



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