Bigamy Hood Towel

Bigamy Hood Towel Judy Chicago
Bigamy Hood Towel Judy Chicago

Bigamy Hood Towel


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The Judy Chicago Bigamy Hood towel is just what the art world needs right now. How so? Judy’s work centers on celebrating the female form, allowing women to access and connect with affirming images. So, if, like most of us, you use a towel every day (or every other day if you want to keep this art keepsake especially clean) then a Judy Chicago Bigamy Hood towel may be what your world needs right now, too. It features an early image that appeared on both a painting and subsequently a car hood: ‘Bigamy Hood’. Says Chicago: ‘The imagery references uninterrupted connection, brought about by the deaths of both my father (when I was thirteen) and my first husband (when I was twenty-three). The symbols include a broken heart, double crosses, and a phallic form that yearns for the female-centered forms at the top of the image.’

Judy Chicago


Bigamy Hood, 1965




60in (l) x 40in (w)


60% cotton 40% polyester towel. Mashine Wash. Tumble Dry.

About Judy Chicago

The Trailblazer.

You may know her as a key player in the feminist movement, but Judy Chicago is much, much more. Think innovators and early adopters – then go one step earlier, and you’ll find Chicago. She is a pioneer who sees art as language. And like any language, she believes art can be learned, it must be used and maintained, and it must evolve. Chicago is an artist, author of 14 books, and educator whose work shouts out for women’s rights to freedom of expression. She founded a feminist art and art education program in California in the early 1970s, then created ‘The Dinner Party’: an epic installation now housed at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at New York’s Brooklyn Museum. From 1974 to 1979, she painstakingly arranged the 39 place settings that make up the artwork – places for prehistoric goddesses, women in Christianity and the Reformation, and early revolutionaries such as Virginia Woolf and Georgia O’Keeffe. It’s the ultimate can’t-miss dinner party, and Judy Chicago is the ultimate powerhouse host.

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