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Paradiso Collection

Renowned contemporary artist Enoc Perez translates some of his most iconic works into sleek, functional design objects to be enjoyed in your home, by the pool, or at the beach this summer. Shop Now

Oooh, Baby, Baby

Our limited edition, embroidered boudoir shams by Baron Von Fancy are the perfect gift for expecting parents. Shop Now

Ride the right wave

Start your summer on the right wave with our "Paia" and "Malibu" towels by Kate Neckel. Shop Now

The Night You Left

Inspired by his series of oil on mirror paintings entitled "The Night You Left," Nir Hod bottles themes of introspection and longing into drink coasters and dessert plates. Shop Now

Our Philosophy

Art ignites the senses, body and mind, stimulates creative thinking, discourse, and even action. Yet original art by top contemporary artists has traditionally only been available in a limited way.  We know it’s important to expand the reach for artists and consumers alike.

Prospect NY is dedicated to producing thoughtful and dynamic collaborations with leading contemporary artists that can be easily accessed and appreciated by all.  Explore our world, and open yours to the transformative effects of art.