Mustang Puzzle

Mustang Puzzle
Mustang Puzzle

Mustang Puzzle


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Artist Mitchell Schorr fell in love with public art because of how the work becomes part of the environment and how once created, it feels like it belongs in the space. This puzzle, an image of one of his iconic mustangs, does that as well. Murals, like puzzles, are created by working on one section at a time until they come together to form a larger vision. The 1,000 piece puzzle brings out the experience of Schorr’s creative process and once built is 19” x 27”.


Mitchell Schorr




19" x 27"


1,000 Pieces

About Mitchell Schorr

 The Rebel.

Perhaps you’ve walked by and been amused by murals of vintage sports cars in every color of the rainbow racing against a Mister Softee truck in and around New York City. If so, you’ve experienced Da Race, one body of work by artist Mitchell Schorr. Da Race is a succession of murals showing the progression of a race but, in the end, there is not a winner. In fact, there’s not even an end. Buildings, barricades, streets, sidewalks, gates and fences are all canvases to Schorr, carrying the torch of the widely democratic and ultimately temporary inspirations created by the street artist. Growing up in New York in the 70’s and 80’s Schorr was influenced by street artist icons like Keith Haring. What originated in slogans of protest and political or social commentary graffiti blossomed into modern and contemporary visual graffiti and Schorr’s work embodies how you can make a personal statement about the society that we live within in this powerful medium. For more than a decade Schorr has been traveling the world from Detroit to Hong Kong creating artwork, many that center around the car as a complex symbol of American and global culture, making him one of the best known urban mural painters in the world.

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