Genius I Scarf

Genius I Scarf Nir Hod

Genius I Scarf


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“Genius” Scarves a collaboration between the artist Nir Hod and his friend, the fashion designer Yigal Azrouël, are cashmere modal scarves printed with two paintings from Hod’s “Genius” series.  Hod sees the scarf as a link to the art history and pop culture—van Dyck and Velázquez, Bowie and Jagger—which originally influenced the Genius paintings.

53.5  x 70 inches.

Made in Italy.


Nir Hod


Genius, 2012


53in x 70in


Modal Scarf in collaboration with Yigal Azrouël.

About Nir Hod

The Thinker.

You can’t help but be drawn into Nir Hod’s pieces, so deep and magnetic is their pull. Hod’s art begs an emotional investment – or at least an investment of serious contemplation, or conversation. Primarily a painter, Hod also works in sculpture, film and canvas. He explores themes of beauty, sexuality, decadence and lost innocence. Some of his work could be described as abstract, and his paintings often have a glamorous feel thanks to his use of Old Masters techniques. Other pieces mix and merge styles and are clear depictions of the contrasts that can exist in people: that fine line between innocent and narcissistic; highly polished and slightly askew. These contrasts can feel exposing and uncomfortable to look at, but this is deliberate – Hod’s work is never naïve. His aim is not to express, or even encourage judgment. Instead, it’s to control and draw attention, invoking curiosity. Everything is raw and visceral.

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