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The Fortune Teller.

From London to Los Angeles, Madelaine has shown her artwork in exhibitions and music festivals around the globe, most notably in New York and throughout the East Coast of Australia. Madelaine Buttini is an internationally recognised visual artist currently living in Brisbane, Australia. She is exploring hand cut and digital collage whilst using vintage and modern materials. She has been commissioned to produce work for Parade, Abrand Jeans, Elle Magazine UK, Adidas Italy, Gwyneth Paltrow's goop and The BBC to name a few.

In 2019, she started creating murals and artwork for music festivals such as Yonder, FOMO and Camp Flog Naw Carnival. During this festival period she launched a pop up store with Re|Evolution Retail in Riverhead, New York which saw her create her first retail space off the online store environment. 

She aspires to bring a moment of happiness and hope from her artwork, especially for those who feel lost and alone within our busy and sometimes overwhelming society. Her work reflects upon the challenges she has faced as a friend, girlfriend and feminist whilst also celebrating women, femininity and flora.

Whilst living in New York in 2017, Lana Del Rey used her artwork to promote her single Love which lead to a crediting debate through Vice Magazine and other news outlets. Madelaine was not paid for this work or credited for her contribution but was thankful for Lana Del Rey sharing her work.

As a survivor of domestic violence and an advocate for ending stigma against depression, she is a major supporter of exhibiting within charity events to help raise funds for those in need. The charities she has supported are The Perspective Project UK, MQ Mental Health, The Heliotrope Foundation, Beyond Blue, Tara Brown Foundation and Friends With Dignity. She has also raised money for animal charities through the selling of shirts and prints. The charities she has supported are Primate Rescue Centre and Koala's In Care Foundation.

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