Kate Neckel

About Kate Neckel

The Dreamer.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you saw one of Kate Neckel’s drawings in your dreams; such is the imaginative, thoughtful nature of her work. Sometimes childlike, often whimsical, Neckel’s pieces tell stories – ones that are highly open to interpretation and prone to many twists and turns. But this comes as no surprise – after all, Neckel herself has been illustrating and drawing since she can remember. Her work has been exhibited all over the country: in galleries, on billboards, in public spaces such as Hudson Studios, on the walls of private residences and the Ace Hotel NYC. She once documented the beginnings of Zac Posen’s career, so she’s familiar with the fashion set, too: you’ve probably seen her drawings in Vogue, Vanity Fair, InStyle, GQ and O. Ultimately, Neckel’s style feels familiar in that homely, comforting way and lends itself perfectly to towels, bedding and other plush accessories.

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