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Art with all of the cool and none of the pretense.

At Prospect we’re putting high culture within reach – we’re out to dispel the notion that collecting art is an exclusive, high-priced hobby. Put simply, we’re the go-to for anyone seeking out incredible art at accessible prices.

We scour the globe for the latest in materials and techniques, then work with respected contemporary artists to create limited-edition design objects and collectible, art products – pieces that are as beautiful as they are affordable. Inclusive, unique, and cool. Exactly how art should be.

Top-Tier Artists, Top-Notch Art.

Bringing the world’s most inspiring talent to you.

The art world can be tricky to navigate: thousands of galleries and artists – even more opinions about them all. This is why Prospect partners with esteemed artists like Judy Chicago, Misha Kahn and Baron Von Fancy – artists we know create unique pieces you’ll love, whether you already know the A to Zs of the art world or are discovering these names for the first time.

At Prospect, we work directly with each artist to create every item you see on our site. We bring their signatures to life on new, unique products – pieces your friends will want to talk about (and Instagram) when they come over for dinner. We collaborate directly with our artists on every piece, so you can trust that they’ve vetted the materials and the techniques being used and are happy with the result.

It’s both our names on the tin, but ultimately, it’s the artist’s aesthetic and vision that we want you to fall for – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Exceptional Quality, All the Time.

Meticulous craftsmanship, materials and manufacturing.

At Prospect, we obsess over every detail, and our artists do, too. And like any good partnership, we make sure we’re aligned on every decision, from start to finish. We hunt down the best materials and research the latest production techniques, then apply them to each design. We don’t do cookie-cutter. Our goal is to create cool stuff you’ve never seen before – to show you what’s possible when it comes to art products and one-of-a-kind items. It’s a tall order, and it’s one we take seriously. Before you ever see anything that bears our name, it’s gone through a meticulous process.

First, we riff with the artist to create a vision for the collection · Then, we tap into our global network of suppliers – the folks that we know and trust to bring our vision to life. Once created, we inspect every single object to make sure it meets or exceeds our expectations. When we’re completely happy with each of the products, we select the right retail partners to help us get them to you. Finally, we craft a campaign to launch each collection and tell the stories behind them.

We said we were obsessed with quality. Our artists are, too. And so are you.

Bringing Great Art Within Reach.

Pieces and prices for connoisseurs and casual collectors alike.

Good art should be shared. We work with cool, established artists to create small-batch collections that we know you’ll love: high-quality, stylish pieces that aren’t eye-wateringly priced and are sure to become talking points wherever you display them.

And because we’re about inclusivity, not snobbery, our collections are available to anyone. No memberships required; no VIP access needed. You can find them through our online shop and retail network. Big-name places, like the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami and the National Museum of Women in the Arts; art organizations such as Performa and Through the Flower; and boutique hotels and galleries including Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles. At Prospect, we limit production to small batches – no one likes discovering that extra special piece in every friend of a friend’s living room.

We like to think we’ve opened the doors for you to find great pieces by great artists, at great prices.

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