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The Curiosity Creators 

Twins Nikolai and Simon make up the renowned duo known as The Haas Brothers, whose diverse materials and themes range from brass, bronze, fur, and porcelain to nature, sexuality, sci-fi, psychedelia and even color theory. Their uniquely clever and recognizable work matches their enthusiasm and is embodied in intricately crafted functional and sculptural objects. Coming from a family of artists and performers, they have traversed a road of exploration across a plethora of mediums and since coming together as designers have been able to fuse all of those explorations into a seamless original language. Their works are already within prestigious design collections such as Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, the RISD Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their work and practice inspire a sense of wonder. The Haas Brothers know that curiosity is the key to thriving in a constantly changing fast paced world. In this sense, the work carries a reciprocal circle of engagement and, at a time when it is much needed, keeps us rooted in a joyful investigation.

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