How to Create the Perfect Nonalcoholic Home Bar

July, 2023

From the essential spirit substitutes and how to mix them to the most striking glasses, everything you need to serve festive zero-proof cocktails.

For finishing touches, you might consider a set of leaf-embroidered Italian linen cocktail napkins from the British designer Angela Wickstead ($235 for a set of 6) or a few of the New York-based designer Misha Kahn’s loopy little glass cocktail straws ($30 each).

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The Cleverest Awards 2021: 50 Products to Change Your Life for the Better

August, 2021

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The best art gifts for the creative in your life

January 24, 2023

As dinner party conversation starters go, Judy Chicago’s ‘Bigamy Hood’ dinner plate could be up there with the most gripping. Available from Prospect at $195 each, the bone china plate depicts one of the feminist art trailblazer's earliest works, created in ‘macho’ automotive lacquer sprayed onto a car hood. Much like Chicago’s iconic installation The Dinner Party, Bigamy Hood was once greeted with derision, but now embodies her epic contribution to the evolution of feminist art. Art gifts also available from Prospect – the New York-based company known for top-tier art collaborations – are vibrant straws by Micha Kahn, and striking candles by Bonam Kim. 

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Lonny Gift Guide: Our Favorite Finds For The Homebody

NOVEMBER 18, 2021

Set the mood with a one-of-a-kind candle. Featuring the intimate symbol of holding hands, which eventually melt into each other, this is the perfect gift to demonstrate connection, compassion, and support. The pure white color is reminiscent of classic marble structures, although it is made of organic bee and soy wax.

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THE HOT LIST The 2021 Holiday Collection - DINE By Artspace Editors

NOVEMBER 9, 2021

Artist Judy Chicagois best known for her 1979 work, The Dinner Party. This monumental piece – “an unruly icon of feminist art” as the New Yorker described it – is a triangular setting of tables, measuring 48 feet on each side, with female-inspired ceramics, typography and embroidery at each place setting and vast banners overhead. The work cemented Chicago’s reputation, but its sheer scale has plagued its existence, often preventing its display. Thankfully, Chicago’s work has also been reproduced at a far more manageable, gift-sized scale, here in The Goddess Trio. The feminine goddess has been a recurring motif and form in her work, and is here presented in three forms – a jumbo goddess candle, a lavender scented goddess figure soap and a goddess figure gold-plated pin. The pieces are made by Prospect, with their customary promise of “Meticulous craftsmanship, materials and manufacturing” in collectible objects produced in collaboration with leading artists. “Lighting this candle in your home, bathing in the lavender scent and pinning the goddess on your jacket before walking out the door elevates your own connection to the divine feminist in you and awakens your awareness to the times we are living in” they advise. “The future is female.”

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Holiday Gifts for Every Party Host

NOVEMBER 11, 2021

These 9-inch glass straws are functional beauty. Each of the four bright designs feature a range of colors, shapes, and patterns, and is hand painted in Turkey and has artist Misha Kahn’s engraved signature. Each individual straw comes packed in a chartreuse leather case that makes it easy to pop in a bag and carry around. Avoid using disposable straws and entertain with these for a real conversation piece. Straw cleaner included.

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Art gifts for the creative in your life

NOVEMBER 1, 2021

As dinner party conversation starters go, Judy Chicago’s ‘Bigamy Hood’ dinner plate could be up there with the most gripping. Available from Prospect at $195 each, the bone china plate depicts one of the feminist art trailblazer’s earliest works, created in ‘macho’ automotive lacquer sprayed onto a car hood. Much like Chicago’s iconic installation The Dinner PartyBigamy Hood was once greeted with derision, but now embodies her epic contribution to the evolution of feminist art. Art gifts also available from Prospect – the New York-based company known for top-tier art collaborations – are vibrant straws by Micha Kahn, and striking candles by Bonam Kim. 

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9 Sculptural Candles that Double as Design Objects

July 15, 2021

The preponderance of candle content sparked a full-blown craze (British Vogue proclaimed candle-making the “biggest trend of lockdown”) that, needless to say, is still going strong. As WFH routines push us to revamp our homes, people are looking for easy ways to spice up their space. Candles, especially ones in unorthodox shapes and sizes, are easy fixes — in one fell swoop, they double as mood lighting and decorative design objects.

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The Psychic Wand

April 15, 2021

Chris Schanck's work combines assemblage with handcrafted, industrial with unique, elegance with farce - resulting in works that are strange and otherworldly and at the same time nostalgic, like monuments to a lost civilization. The Psychic Wand is inspired by his acclaimed “Alufoil” series and made available exclusively by Prospect, will transform your home into a glowing, otherworldly realm.

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From Caviar to Perfume, 15 Luxe Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom Who Has Everything

APRIL 9, 2021

Candles make for a great gift, but most aren’t that visually stimulating. Artist Chris Schanck changes that formula with these cool-colored candlesticks, which look like the next piece in his bright, industrial “Alufoil” design series. Great for moms who favor more artistic presents.

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Stylish People Are Putting Plates on Walls—and We’re Here for It

March 24, 2021

Hanging plates on the wall is nothing new. In 1972, the New York Times declared in a headline “Decorative Plates—Not Fine Art, But They’re Good As Gold,” covering the fad of collectible dishware by the likes of Norman Rockwell, Charles Schulz, Salvador Dalí, and Andrew Wyeth. (Companies like Prospect NY and Artware Editions carry that torch today with their artist-designed dishware.) 

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MARCH 23, 2021

These bright, reusable glass straws are great to use for  brunch cocktails at home or a smoothie on the go.

23 Female-Founded Brands To Support This International Women’s Day

March 4, 2021

Founded by entrepreneur Laura Currie, Prospect is an online art retailer that aims to champion both renowned and up-and-coming female artists with the overarching goal of making fine art accessible to everyone — not just galleries and high-profile collectors. The brand works with iconic contemporary female artists like Madelaine Buttini, Judy Chicago, Bonam Kim, and Katherine Bernhardt to create limited-edition art and design objects bringing top-tier art to the masses, all without the pretense.

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The 30 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for You, Your Loved One, and Everybody in Between

February 17, 2021

Prospect and sculptor Bonam Kim have created a set of the artist’s HIM & Hannah candles custom for The Standard. Their deep red color is symbolic of the spectrum of love, from abstract to intimate. Produced with 100% organic bee and soy wax, the candles are handmade in Brooklyn, NY. We love these for sexy Valentine’s Day gifts.

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The Standard Hotel's Valentine's Day Candle Everyone Is Going Crazy For

February 4, 2021

Each candle is handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY by sculptor Bonam Kim in partnership with Prospect. The deep red color is a nod to the spectrum of love, be it personal self-love or intimate. The sexy sculptures are ready for flame with an 8 hour burning time and a composition of 100% organic bee and soy wax.

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29 Ideas For Making Valentine’s Day At Home Feel Like A Big Night Out

February 3, 2021

To quote Megan Thee Stallion, body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody. And to expand on that a bit, we’d like to point out that this candle from artist Bonam Kim will single-handedly create its own ambiance in your home.

24 Valentine's Day Gifts for the Guy Who's Too Cool for Chocolates

JANUARY 30, 2021

If you and your boo had a standing art museum date for Valentines' past, a poster from artist-collab shop PROSPECT is the perfect way to keep the tradition alive (in a way).

Bonam Kim’s ‘HIM’ And ‘Hannah’ Candles Are Temporary Sculptures

January 27, 2021

Most artists do need help getting the word out about their creations, painters have galleries, and Kim has the art e-commerce brand Prospect, another woman-founded company that helps artists create accessible design objects. Laura Currie created the brand in 2016 to help bridge the gap between young people who might have a taste for art but not the wallet, and artists who wanted to reach wider audiences beyond just collectors. Working with artists like Nir Hod, Judy Chicago, Katherine Bernhardt, and of course Kim, Currie helps bring art into the mainstream in a new way, beyond the sometimes intimidating bounds of the gallery world. In the case of Kim’s candles, these sculptures disrupt a tired home accessory and predictable decorating staple by giving it a flair of the avant garde.

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These Are The Items Our Editors Are Loving This Week

January 19, 2021

We're all pretty aware that hand-washing plays a very important role in keeping ourselves and others safe. And, at this point you've probably tried every soap out there. 

This one though, which is a collaboration with Prospect and artist Nir Hod, is one that will not only get your hands clean but will make you think, too. The Nothing Lasts Forever Soap is an artistic statement in soap form that references the current pandemic and makes the user reflect on the act of hand-washing and the visual of washing away the virus. Part of the profits benefit the Central Emergency Response Fund, which provide aid and support for those most impacted by Covid-19.

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27 Marble Fireplace Ideas That Feel Elegant and Oh-So-Chic

January 18, 2021

Nothing cozies up a space like a fireplace—and marble fireplaces prove that elegance and snuggly warmth are far from mutually exclusive. Add a marble fireplace to your living room, your bedroom, even your bathroom, and you’ll instantly transform your space into a sleek, sophisticated, and totally hibernation-worthy paradise. And really, who doesn’t want that?

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13 Smart, Stylish, and Maybe a Little Weird Gift Ideas for the Art Lover in Your Life Who Has Everything

December 16, 2020

The Prospect NY X Baron Von Fancy You Can Walk All Over Me Rug 
Baron Von Fancy created this witty rug, produced in Nepal with white wool and black mulberry silk, as part of his line of home goods for Prospect NY.

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10 of the Best Art Gifts That Give Back

December 11, 2020

Benefiting the Coalition for the Homeless, the Artist Plate Project features the works of 50 world-renowned artists on limited-edition dinner plates produced by Prospect. The purchase of just one of these artful plates can feed 75 homeless and hungry New Yorkers. With over half of the editions sold out, rush to Artware Editions to order yours.

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Frugal Gift Guide: Be Cheap Without Looking Like It!

December 10, 2020

Prospect, a site that specializes in limited edition collaborations, has teamed up with Israeli artist Nir Hod to bring a smile to your face with his Nothing Lasts Forever Corona soap. 20% of the proceeds benefit the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) in support of coronavirus relief efforts.

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Shop Hyperallergic for Art-Inspired Gifts and More

September 14, 2020

The latest addition to our selection of Judy Chicago products is this luminous fine bone china plate inspired by “Sky Sun” (1971) from the artist’s Flesh Gardens series. Regardless of whether you choose to use it as a functional piece of tableware or a hanging piece of wall art, your guests will be sure to find it an entrancing piece wherever it’s displayed.

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Prospect Founder Laura Currie Brings Art to the Everyday

August 5, 2020

Living on Prospect street as a marketing student at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Laura Currie did not plan to start a company named after her address in less than a decade. ‘Having my own business, in fact, found me, and I had no clue what I was getting myself into,’ she ruminates today. 

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Nir Hod’s New Show at Kohn Gallery Realizes a New Painterly Depth for the Artist

July 16, 2020

Not one to let a spark of creativity pass him by, Hod also imagined a new line of soap with his partners at Prospect during quarantine. The white bar, which is named “Nothing Lasts Forever/CORONA,” is simply marked with the word CORONA, which aptly disappears with frequent lathers. Also, 20% of proceeds from the sale will go to Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), which supports coronavirus relief efforts and has continued to provide crucial support since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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Museums Meet the Runway with Artist-Designer Loungewear Collaborations

May 21, 2020

Prospect is a New York–based retailer that partners with contemporary artists on a variety of limited-edition items. Pioneering feminist Judy Chicago has a wide-ranging product line—from dinner plates to goddess candles—with the company. The minimalist garments on offer reference when the artist unapologetically posed in Muhammad Ali’s former boxing ring and wore silk shorts, boxing shoes, and a sweatshirt inscribed with her own name. $95,

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GET The Night You Left Coasters

May 21, 2020

Apparently it’s not just ’80s fashion trends that are making a comeback. 

For those who don’t want to set their premium cocktails down on just any coaster, Israeli artist Nir Hod transformed her oil-on-mirror The Night You Left series into stylish coasters reminiscent of a mirrored table at an ’80s nightclub. The sets come with options for different colored mirrors — black, gold, pink — all featuring digitally printed lines of blow. These coasters are a conversation starter, especially if your new girlfriend’s parents come over for dinner, but the deeper meaning behind the art is not a celebration of cocaine-charged dopamine spikes. 

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Glam Gifts for the Diva on Your List

November 22, 2019

Misha Kahn Glass Straws

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The Bride Wore an Interactive Art Piece

November 1, 2019

Laura Currie from Prospect NY made all the napkins. "I’m not an artist at all, but we work with artists to help them create livable objects and items with their artwork — like making a series of coasters that are used and sold in hotels and retail stores. I’ve been really anxious to work with Katie, I’m a huge admirer, and just this past summer she had a show of hand-painted plates. She had shared a few different sketches, and I said, “Hey, we have to do something with these. Can we do something for your wedding?” They’re her designs, we just took them and had them manufactured on napkins."

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Editors’ Picks: 24 Things Not to Miss in New York’s Art World, Print Week Edition

October 21, 2019

The tireless 80-year-old will discuss her life and career with writer and author Sarah Thornton at the Cooper Union, followed by a signing for Chicago’s new book, Judy Chicago: New Views. Limited edition art products by Chicago, including plates based on her seminal feminist artwork The Dinner Party, will be available for sale from Prospect New York.

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Museum Shop News: Laura Currie

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

Tell us about your first artist collaboration—what inspired it?

In 2015, I was working on a mural commission for the launch of South Street Seaport in Manhattan. Artist Baron Von Fancy was just emerging, and his tongue-in-cheek style was the perfect fit—a little edgy, visually captivating, tons of wit, with the potential to reach a wide audience. Not long before the launch, we proposed creating a T-shirt featuring Von Fancy's signature script. People went crazy for them and we sold out in a heartbeat. A few days later Prospect was born.

Judy Chicago, Inc.: How the Feminist Art Icon Is Building a Merchandise Empire Through Signature Soaps, Skateboards, and Wine

September 11, 2019

Chicago signed on to work with Laura Currie and her company, Prospect NY, to develop the decorative plates that they hoped would “sit in people’s houses and generate conversation,” Currie said.

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Inside Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman's New Mexico Art Mecca

September 11, 2019

"Of her super-clean office and studio, Chicago declares, “I’m naturally neat and tidy, and my spaces need to be the same way—uncluttered—so I can think.” (Jokes Woodman: “The symbol of a sick mind is an ordered office.”) Both Woodman and Chicago have old-school Rolodexes and paper calendars. On her shelves lies a limited-edition “Dinner Party” plate from a collaboration with Prospect."

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Brand New: Bottega Veneta’s New Eyewear, Judy Chicago x Prospect, and More

AUGUST 30, 2019

For the opening of the exhibition “Judy Chicago: Los Angeles” at Jeffrey Deitch gallery, Prospect NY has introduced new limited editions to its collaborative collection with artist Judy Chicago. Just for the L.A.-based show, Chicago and Prospect NY have created an array of goodies, including a book of 36 postcards (featuring the artist’s iconic works), a new pomegranate soap sculpture, and items like throw pillows and fine bone china plates.

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Cindy Sherman’s New Pool Float Will Add Wonderful Weirdness to Any Summer Party

July 19, 2018

Sure, this summer you could get an obviously Instagrammable pool float—a pegasus or pizza slice, perhaps, or whatever silly-cute object strikes your fancy. Or, you could get a slightly terrifying one instead!

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8 Inspired Art and Design Gifts for Father’s Day

JUNE 12, 2018

Nudes Coaster Set by Enoc Perez 

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Judy Chicago Talks The Dinner Party, #MeToo, and Her New Tabletop Collaboration

APRIL 4, 2018

Working in tandem, Chicago and Prospect founder Laura Currie pored over images of the three-dimensional plates and richly textured tapestries of The Dinner Party, each of which represents an iconic woman through history, to settle on ones they could reproduce in 2D. "We thought the four we picked—Sappho, Primordial Goddess, Elizabeth R, and Amazon—told a nice story of the range of women," says Currie.

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Judy Chicago Is Releasing a Line of Plates Inspired by Her Classic Feminist Work ‘The Dinner Party’

april 4, 2018

“Over the years, I’ve watched a lot of people get commissions to make dinner plates and I always thought, ‘like excuse me?'” Judy Chicago said recently. The artist, of course, is best known for her massive feminist art installation The Dinner Party, which features 39 hand-painted ceramic plates representing an equal number of famous women. Somehow, she’s never been asked to reproduce them.

Chicago was speaking at a dinner at Brooklyn’s City Point complex, with guests sitting around a triangular table that purposely evoked the iconic work. At each place setting was a bone china plate based on designs from The Dinner Party, released this week by the Prospect NY."

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Brand New: Light Up Nir Hod’s Oligarch Nights and Freeze Out with David Yurman’s Ice Sculpture

december 20, 2017

And Nir Hod partnered with The Prospect NY for a capsule collection. The new candle set OLIGARCH NIGHTS includes four onyx-toned, crystal votives with the names Natasha, Tatyana, Svetlana, and Melania. The names reference the widening gap between classes, calling upon the current First Lady and others. The set also features two custom scents created by Yael Alkalay of Red Flower—Moscow Leather and La Femme Noir.

The Great ITG Fall Candle Roundup

November, 2016

Smells like grapefruit, bitter orange, and black pepper, but we know you're buying it for the graffiti.

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A Godess For You Soap

May, 2016

"Artist Judy Chicago is familiar with the goddess theme and has interpreted the Venus of Willendorf—an oolitic limestone figure from 30,000 BCE—for this limited edition soap. Made in collaboration with Prospect, it’s crafted from sustainably sourced ingredients and scented with moonflower, river grass and freesia."

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Miami Fête: (RED) Auction, Fendi’s Peekaboo Anniversary, and More

december 6, 2018

The debut of Misha Kahn’s “The Bellyflop Collection” transformed The Miami Beach EDITION’s poolside with a launch event hosted by Artsy and Prospect NY. The collection features an array of outdoor entertaining essentials like ice buckets, bottle openers, glass straws, and pool floats in Kahn’s signature style—which often includes metallic teeth-like details and pops of bright color. Guests like Gaia Matisse, Majid Al-Suwaidi, Maynard Monrow, Chris Wolston, Karen Robinovitz, Elizabeth Margulies, and Chloe Wise could be seen celebrating the playful collection amid an enchanting installation of Kahn’s tie-dye creations.

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Judy Chicago Is Fine Marketing Her Feminism

december 4, 2018

"The table settings at the Soho Beach House were themselves a work of art, with Chicago’s famous Bigamy image—featuring signature stylized male and female genitalia, painted on a car hood in 1964— emblazoned on the plates themselves, as part of her partnership with Laura Currie of The Prospect NY. “The imagery comes from my life experience at that point,” Chicago explained, holding one plate aloft. “I had been married and my first husband was killed. And ten years before my father died. So this is actually about interrupted contact and a broken heart.”

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Enoc Perez Launches Homewares Through Prospect

june 14, 2018

Hot off its collection with Judy Chicago the art-meets-product company Prospect has launched Paradiso, a collection of home and bar accessories by Puerto Rican artist Enoc Perez. Fans of the artist who can't spring for original work can fund coasters, trays, and a whimsical collection of drinks stirrers (inspired by vintage hotel ones the artist has collected throughout his life) at prices ranging from $18 to $375. “I love the idea of my works being available to a wider audience and coming more directly into people’s lives,” Perez says. “Why get something ordinary for your home when you can buy a piece of art?

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New Plates by Judy Chicago Serve Up Feminist History

april 10, 2018

In “The Dinner Party,” Judy Chicago’s famous triangular installation, plates serve up slices of women’s history, rather than food. Now, designs from the symbolic banquet are available to actually eat off, thanks to a new collaboration between the artist and homeware purveyor Prospect NY.

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The Biggest Holiday Entertaining Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

december 20, 2019

Cocktail napkins by Baron von Fancy from the Prospect NY.

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Judy Chicago Creates Dining Set after Epic Feminist Installation ‘The Dinner Party’

april 5, 2018

The limited edition bone china plates draw on designs from The Dinner Party, symbolizing Queen Elizabeth I, an Amazonian, the Primordial Goddess and Sappho. They range in price from USD$135 to USD$155. The collection is released in collaboration with Prospect New York, which partners with artists in producing homeware.

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Gifts for Guys

december 6, 2016

Add some humor to his home with this punny candle, made in collaboration with The Prospect NY and New York sign artist Baron Von Fancy.

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The Prospect NY Launches with Limited Editions by Baron von Fancy

december 19, 2017

The Prospect NY, a new initiative founded by Laura Currie, is reimagining the way that people collect and engage with artists through limited edition collaborations.

Last week, Laura teamed up with The Curateur Collective to launch the first set of editions by Baron von Fancy with a private dinner and exhibition at Hôtel Americano. The “Twice as Fancy” collection was featured throughout the dinner, including cocktail glasses and candles that highlighted the artists signature witty phrases. Baron von Fancy has worked with major brands such as Converse, Rag & Bone, Louis Vuitton and Nike.

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The Ultimate Holiday 2018 Gift Guide

december 11, 2018

Prospect NY has no shortage of good gifting items, but a couple of our favorites are the store’s second Judy Chicago collection and the latest releases from Misha Kahn. Chicago’s limited-edition pieces include a charming replica of A Goddess for You in soap bar form, while Kahn’s “Bellyflop” collection is the ultimate set for the outdoor entertainer, featuring items like serving trays, bottle openers, and glass straws in the artist’s singular, quirky style.

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Judy Chicago’s Survey in Miami Shows off the Many Twists of Her Fascinating Career

december 5, 2018

Chicago, of course, continues to make art. She’s not afraid of getting involved with more commercial ventures, either, having just released a series of Dinner Party–inspired plates with New York design company Prospect NY.

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Art Pioneer Judy Chicago Is the Feminist We All Need

april 2, 2019

Bazaar sat down with the high priestess of vagina art to discuss feminism, fame, and why a Judy Chicago Bigamy Hood towel may be just what the art world needs right now.

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Brand New Father’s Day Edition: Louis Vuitton luggage, Enoc Perez Swizzle Sticks, Fotografiska’s New Book, and More

june 13, 2018

Prospect NY recently released Paradiso, a collection of five design objects, in collaboration with artist Enoc Perez. The collection features a set of coasters, two beach towels, a lacquered tray, and a set of reproductions from the artist’s personal vintage collection of swizzle sticks. Whether your dad is an art lover or a beach goer, he’ll surely love a gift from the Paradiso collection.

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Now You Too Can Eat Off of Judy Chicago’s Famous Feminist Dinnerware

april 9, 2018

Sarah Cascone at artnet News reports that Chicago teamed up with Prospect NY to make recreations of four of her plates: the green and lavender Sappho plate, the royal purple Elizabeth R—otherwise known as Elizabeth I—plate, the volcanic red Primordial Goddess plate and the white, crescent red and black stone Amazon plate.

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31 Fabulous Valentine’s Day Gifts to Celebrate Love in Every Form

february 2, 2018

Baron von Fancy Screw Me screwdriver

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Si les assiettes pouvaient parler...

august 5, 2018

Mesdames, vous êtes servies ! L’artiste américaine Judy Chicago, auteure d’une installation iconique, The Dinner Party, vient de collaborer avec l’association Prospect NY pour recréer quatre assiettes faisant partie de cette installation géante de 1979, qui se trouve aujourd’hui au musée de Brooklyn.

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All Too Human

january 30, 2017

In addition to the lines they carry, Knez and Morrissey often collaborate with well known visual artists and utilize their space to promote them. Toward the end of last year, they teamed up with Daniel Arsham to create an installation inspired by Boston Celtic jackets. On February 6, the pair will welcome artist Baron Von Fancy, who will be in store to sell pieces from his limited-edition collection with Prospect NY.

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Galerie Interviews Designers Misha Kahn and Katie Stout

august 9, 2018

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Challenging beauty was the subject of a discussion moderated by Galerie’s editor in chief, Jacqueline Terrebonne, with rising designers Misha Kahn and Katie Stout this past Tuesday. Presented by Spring Place and Prospect NY, the event invited guests to listen to the talk in Spring Place’s luxurious Sunken Living Room.

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الروتين المخصص لبشرة خالية من البثور والتصبغ

September 11, 2022

جاء ابتكار صابون PROSPECT Nothing Lasts Forever Soap بهدف أن تكون إحدى معقمات اليدين للوقاية من كوفيد-19، يرجع ذلك إلى خصائصها المطهرة الفعالة وقدرتها الفائقة على التخلص من الجراثيم والميكروبات، تساهم كذلك في الوقاية من العديد من مشاكل الجلد الصحية لفعاليتها في تنقية المسام وتخليصها من الشوائب.

تم تطوير صابون PROSPECT Nothing Lasts Forever Soap من قبل الخبير نير هود، يعد أحد أنواع منتجات الصابون الآمنة واللطيفة على أنواع البشرة المختلفة، أما عن طريقة الاستعمال الخاصة بها فهي تتمثل فيما يلي:

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October, 2022

Im Barock waren opulente Tafeln ein
Zeichen guten Geschmacks. Aber
auch Künstler der Gegenwart wissen, wie man
eindrucksvoll eindeckt, und beleben die
Tischkultur mit experimentellen Entwürfen

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